Hey there! I’m Chris, a photo enthusiast currently living and working in LA, California. 

In 2014, I bought my first camera, a Nikon D3200, and quickly fell in love with the concepts of transforming perspective and capturing lasting memories. Fast forward to today and my love for the hobby has only grown. I’ve seen the joy a simple photo can give, and viewing the world through a lens has not only altered the way I see things, but has also pushed me to deeper discovery. I’m still a big believer of living in the moment, but with life moving so fast, sometimes it’s worth freezing time to enjoy those brief moments of awe.
That’s why I specialize in lifestyle, landscape, and travel photography, where most of my shots are captured candidly and in-the-moment. 

Since graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, I’ve backpacked across Eastern Europe and South America, toured coast-to-coast across Canada, and ventured through parts of USA and Central America. With a passion for adventure, meeting new people, and pushing my limits, I dream of one day shooting for National Geographic.

For more information, or to say hello, feel free to get in touch here

Have a great day 🙂